Kerry Drain Services, Other Services

We can provide power washing of footpaths, yards, fasciae, roofs etc. We work with all types of clients, private, commercial, industrial and agricultural. Our power washing services can not only ensure your property looks clean, but also means that your work area is clean and safe.

Grease Management Systems

The Waste Management Act 1996 requires that where food products are prepared in quantity, a proper grease management system be in place.

At Kerry Drain Services, we provide a complete service. This can be set up on a regular contract basis. How often we clean them will depend on how often they are used, the size of your establishment, etc. We work with literally all types of business where food is prepared, from small coffee shops to large hotels and chains.

Our experienced team call in and clear out all grease from the units. We can also provide expert advice and aftercare.

Maintenance Contracts

As well as our grease management contracts mentioned above, we also carry out a large amount of drainage maintenance contracts. We have established maintenance contracts with clients all over Kerry, working especially in the Tralee, Killarney, Dingle, Killorglin, Kenmare & Listowel areas.

Save your business the hassle and embarrassment of any drainage issues. Many problems associated with drainage issues have to do with blockages, etc. which in turn can lead to overflowing, smells and of course health risks. This can be seriously damaging to your company image. As well as dealing with these issues promptly when they arise, we also carry out regular maintenance work – checking everything to ensure the system is working as efficiently as possible.

To discuss setting up a regular drain maintenance contract, please call us today.