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Septic Tank & Treatment Unit Services

If your property has a septic tank or modern treatment unit installed, it’s important to regularly service and clean these structures to ensure the safe and efficient removal of waste from your property. Kerry Drain Services provides a comprehensive range of professional septic tank and treatment unit services for all types of tanks in a range of properties. Whether you’ve bought a new property and require a septic tank inspection and report or simply need a de-sludging and unblocking service to keep your tank running efficiently, we can help, with a team of expert professionals on hand across Kerry, Cork, Limerick, and the surrounding areas.

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Septic Tank Inspections & Servicing

Whether you’ve just moved to a new home or simply want to know how well your septic tank or treatment unit is operating, we can help. Kerry Drain Services conducts professional septic tank inspections and services that inspect all areas of your tank to ensure optimum functionality. During these servicing inspections, we can identify and treat any problems that your waste treatment unit may be having before offering expert advice on how to keep your system working safely, efficiently, and securely.

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Tank Cleaning & De-Sludging

If your septic tank is blocked, it may be in need of a de-sludging and cleaning service. Tank de-sludging is an important part of maintenance for septic tanks and treatment units that consists of removing blockages and waste materials to ensure that your tank begins running smoothly again without interruptions. It is recommended that most tanks are de-sludged about once a year. Here at Kerry Drain Services we use professional equipment to safely and effectively remove any sludge build-up from your tank to unblock it and return it to its optimum capabilities, giving you peace of mind that your waste treatment and drainage system are safe, secure, and efficient.

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Maintenance Contracts

If you have a septic tank or modern treatment unit on your property you may need a maintenance contract in order to gain planning permission for new structures or properties. Here at Kerry Drain Services we offer professional maintenance contracts to suit all types of waste system tanks at great prices. In order to achieve a maintenance contract, we will conduct a full service and inspection on your tank and provide a professional write-up on its status. This document is fully compliant with current legislation and can help to fast-track and protect any future buildings on your property.

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