Kerry Drain Services

Kerry Drain Services

Drain problems can become messy very fast if not dealt with promptly. At Kerry Drain Services, we work with our clients to provide a fast turnaround time. This is achieved through efficient service, experienced staff and state of the art equipment.

Drain Surveys and Reports

We provide surveys of all lines as found on site, recorded on state of the art high quality digital equipment. Our team can call into any property (generally properties our clients are interested in buying) and carry out a full inspections. This will determine what condition the entire drainage system is in, including pipework, septic tanks and so on. If there are any problems – we let you know straight away. It can be very costly to replace or repair poor or damaged drainage systems. It is very important to know EXACTLY what you are getting when considering buying a property. If you have any questions, simply ask a member of our team.

Regular Site Inspection

We will check, clean and disinfect your entire sewer system as often as is required. We will also issue a certificate at the end of each visit, ensuring that all paperwork is in proper order.


We can provide an assessment of your current requirements and advise on what service we feel would best suit your needs.

Ground Works

We can arrange to repair a variety of damaged sewer lines including collapsed soakaways.

Drain Cleaning

We can clean your drains and help to keep them working smoothly and avoiding build-ups of waste which can lead to blockages.

Drain Unblocking

We provide emergency cover seven days per week to assist you immediately if your drains become blocked.


Toilet Unblocking

One of the main parts of the drainage system that gets clogged, is your toilet. When this becomes blocked, it required immediate attention. At Kerry Drain services, we can fix the problem, but more importantly, determine why it happened in the first place.

Problem Solving

If drains are blocking often, we can investigate and devise a solution.

Emergency Cover

We provide emergency cover to unblock any problem drains. Simply call us today.

Septic Tanks

We empty septic tanks and bio units.